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6025W tool grinder (with digital display)

Date:2019-12-23 13:51人气:

In daily use of the grinder, attention to maintenance can extend the life of the grinder. There are many different performances and characteristics of precision grinders, which we need to pay attention to during operation. At the same time, more attention should be paid to daily maintenance. This article will specifically introduce how a mechanical processing plant performs scientific maintenance on precision grinding machines.
1. Routine maintenance of precision grinder
(1) Clean the whole body after daily grinding. Never use an air gun to blow directly to prevent iron filings from entering the guide rails and affecting the accuracy of the grinder.
(2) Avoid using the fan to blow against the workbench when operating the equipment, to prevent dust and iron filings from being rolled back into the guide rail, affecting the accuracy and feel of the guide rail.
(3) The guide rail oil of the grinder should be replaced and added in time, usually once every 3-6 months, the third month, and once every 6 months thereafter.
(4) Please use professional lubricating oil for grinder guide.
(5) Regularly check whether the steel cable of the grinding machine workbench is loosened and locked to prevent breakage or affect the accuracy of the hand.
(6) Regularly clean the worktable guide rails to prevent iron filings from abrading the surface of the guide rails, which affects the accuracy of the guide rails. It can be cleaned up with gasoline, and the debris embedded in the wear-resistant sheet must be gently removed with a spatula.
(7) Regularly check whether the fuselage is unstable and level during work.
(8) If it is a manual grinder, check the tightness of the cable regularly.
(9) If it is a semi-automatic grinding machine, check the grinding fluid concentration weekly and replace it in time.
2.Maintenance of key parts of precision CNC cylindrical grinder
(1) Grinding wheel frame: Check the clearance of the main shaft, whether the unloading pulley bearing is damaged, whether the grinding wheel motor is operating abnormally, and whether the dynamic pressure is established.
(2) Fuel tank: Inspect the oil pump shaft for damage and breaks. Whether there are defects such as oil-water mixing phenomenon.
(3) Hydrostatic oil tank: change the oil every 6 months, clean the oil filter, and check whether the oil pressure relay is in good contact.
(4) Workbench driving mechanism: check the positioning, repeat positioning, backlash and other accuracy. If there is any problem, remove the ball screw and check for oil-water mixing.
(5) Horizontal feed mechanism: The inspection method is the same as that of the table drive mechanism.
(6) Ball screw lubrication system: Check the lubrication effect of the metering part for clogging. If oil is not flowing, the oil needle of the metering part should be removed and repaired to make it lubricate.
In daily production, it is necessary to formulate and maintain strict maintenance and maintenance systems for precision grinders. This can prolong the service life of the grinders. Equipment maintenance is an important part of equipment management work, which requires long-term adherence. The equipment has a long service life to meet production needs and reduce the investment cost of processing enterprises on equipment.

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